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Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
Thank you and I will make sure to give more tidbits like this concerning the prospects' abilities or weakness in the articles. Thanks for your feedback!

You are very right about Tinordi and Beaulieu. Pateryn has all the tools but doesn't have the offensive upside compare to Ellis. He was made to play more defensive because Mac Bennett, his partner at Michigan was naturally more offensive minded and a better puck mover. Pateryn is smart with the puck, has an excellent Hockey IQ and can move it quickly up ice but his assets are that he's physical in front of his own net, makes it difficult on the opposition forwards in the defensive zone corners and has excellent angling abilities, now we have see if it translates at the pro level. Pateryn like Tinordi, Beaulieu, Dietz and Ellis, all have a mean streak that they try to keep under control to avoid major penalties. Dietz just plays so much better the dirtier and more physical the game becomes, it just seems to motivate him even more. I saw him punch the visor right off the other kids helmut in a fight and he won't hesitate to jump in to protect a teammate and never run his goalie, it just drives him crazy. He chased a kid on the Red Deer Rebels last year and they needed both linemen to get him off the kid. Dietz can really fight even against big players because his biggest assets when he drops the gloves are balance and punching power.

There just a little more information for you. Thanks again for your ideas!
Very insightful.

I have a specific question regarding angling abilities (probably some of the boards' regulars could help as well). I see it in two very different ways and am wondering if I'm getting it wrong or I should simply be made aware of more appropriate terms.

There is angling in terms of hitting technique, which a player like Emelin has mastered over the years in his capacity to "angle on" a player, often taken by surprise, for his now infamous hip-checks. On a side note, he seems to be much more efficient and impactful when attacking the player from his natural left side. But there is also angling in terms of defensive coverage which mostly pertains at least in the way I see it to stickwork and the ability to close gaps and force opposing players into less dangerous areas of the ice, especially in one-on-one situations when a forward gains the offensive zone. For instance, Josh Gorges is a master at this "version" of angling, while Emelin is not particularly efficient in this type of coverage, far from it actually!

As for the new template of awards, I do appreciate it. It gives a fun, new outlook on players we have seen plenty of and others we have barely watched.

But I have to echo a bit what overlord has said, in maybe less harsh terms. I've followed the site for many years, since 2006 I believe when Jason Menard was doing the Habs' write-ups. I do think there is a bit more focus nowadays on superficial statistical analysis (not you in particular). I remember that interview bits with Timmins were being integrated in the regular write-ups and it would really add depth into appreciating players' specific strengths and development. Maybe it simply is much harder to do this nowadays (Gauthier's silencing policies?).

Anyhow, you've shown in this thread you do know what you're talking about and hopefully you get some ammo from this thread to confront your editorial board with the fact many hockeysfuture readers (I'm a much less frequent visitor) do appreciate more in-depth analysis, and it's not because we're a minority with PhD's in hockey and side-coaching careers or anything like that.


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