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04-20-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by villevalo View Post
No rink in GB is owned by a hockey club. So all of them have to pay, generally quite high, costs for ice time.

"Back in the day", you would have found that most rinks actually ran hockey clubs too, but that seemed to die out over the years. In an economy where they can probably get more money for a public skating session, that leaves hockey clubs up **** creek.

But its probably the only problem that cant be changed, unless the hockey clubs strike oil or win the lottery, or some maniac buisnessman starts building ice rinks built for hockey, it wont change.

In short, hockey over here, for the most part has to play the cards its dealt. And at the moment we have a two of hearts, two jokers and that card that tells you how to play bridge
I've been reluctant to answer this because I don't want to go all Canadian here...
But you got the wrong idea.
Outside of NHL teams no teams own rinks in Canada and not all of them do. There's only 11 pro teams in Canada 7 NHL and 4 AHL.
one ***** load of Junior or U-21 teams if you like about 60 Major Jr and about 140 tier 2 Jr A.
Most rinks are owned by communities/municipalities (you might call them councils?)
It's a chicken or egg argument.
If there's interest facilities will be built. If you build them interest will grow.
As 99 likes to say it's a cultural thing.
Here's three stories of small town community rinks 2 that took decades of local fund raising and volunteer work.
Grand Manan NB (i've posted this before)

Fredericton Junction NB

Bouctouche NB.........OVER $15 MILLION raised by voluntary donations to get the provincial and federal gov'ts to kick in $5 million each.
The Town built a new Town Hall, town library and town gym as well as arena into the complex

These are places of about 4,000 residents. No pro teams just a bunch of kids.
High School or Jr B/C or Senior might be the highest level played in these rinks
Play the deck you've been dealt or get a new deck..........
If interest is there you never know what might happen
Apologies if this comes across as an "in Canada" thing not my intent trying to show what communities can do if they have a mind to.

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