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Dickie Moore is a better offensive player than Tommy Smith. I don't think this requires much elaboration.

We compared Primeau and Fredrickson earlier, and it was concluded that Fredrickson is the better offensive player. Here it is:

Here's a look at percentages:

Fredrickson: 86, 103, 100, 137, 100, 94* (Total 620)
Primeau: 85, 100, 73, 100, 64 (Total 422)

*WCHL, Vs1(Bill Cook). Doing a Vs2 in the WCHL would be idiotic.

Fredrickson's offense appears to be better. But, consider that it game in a PCHA with 3 teams in it, and players like Nighbor, Dye, Denneny, Malone, and Lalonde had moved on to the NHL at this point. And Bill Cook and Keats were in the WCHL. Primeau's finishes came in a consolidated NHL, but he did have very strong linemates. If you use Vs1 for Fredrickson's years in the PCHA, it looks like this:

Fredrickson: 86, 100, 83, 100, 93, 94* (Total 556)
Just as a comparison between Moore and Smith is not necessary, a comparison between Dye and Hay is not needed. Dye wins, quite handily.

That takes us to Green and Goodfellow. Ted Green doesn't impress me very much on a PP. From what I can see, he had four relevant seasons of offensive production in the NHL. Doing a % comparison for these two wouldn't work because it's pre and post expansion. If we cherry pick Green's four best seasons and compare them to Goodfellow's four best(generous to Green), Green's adjusted PPG is .541 over 314 games. Goodfellow's is .580 over 317 games. Goodfellow gets the advantage offensively.

That takes us to Weight and Stanfield. Stanfield averaged 20.9PPP per 82 games over his career. Weight averaged 30.6PPP per 82 games. Weight gets the advantage in PP production. Did Weight ever actually play point on the PP? I don't see anything about it in his bio. If not, then that number has to take a significant hit. Even if he did, it doesn't matter because Philadelphia would still have the superior PP.

2nd PP units are an advantage to Philadelphia. We hold a large advantage on both wings, much larger than the gap at center. Goodfellow is better than Green, and the advantages for Fredrickson and Weight don't make up for Philadelphia's advantages in other areas.

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