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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
I can't wait to see how Josi evolves in the next couple of years. I remember when Suter first came up I was a big time Suter hater and I thought he wasn't going to stick with us because he had a lot of young mistakes and wasn't impressing me all that much. He was alright, and the potential was there, I just wasn't buying into it until he started proving me wrong.

Not saying Josi will evolve into a Ryan Suter one day, but he certainly impresses me more right off the bat than Suter did at this point.

Also, it's funny I remember last preseason (like Sep. 2010), my friend in the Panthers organization was at one of those little rookie games or whatever teams play in when training camp starts, before the real pre-season games. I hadn't talked to her in several months and all of a sudden I get a text that says "Who the **** is Roman Josi?? Beast!!"
The problem is ... Josi has not a long history in US-Hockey. 3 years ago .... Nobody kowed him. Since Josi is in NHL i read US-Magazines/Newspapers. For a long time there were only articles about Blum and Ellis in the papers. As an unknown european player .. You have to do a lot more to be accepted than other prospects who spent the half of their life in US junior-leagues.

I remember a comment in Facebook after Josi made the one or other rookie mistake. Somone has writen:"and who is this Josi-clown?"

I followed a few years of his carreer and I m sure .... The Predators (and their fans) will have a lot of pleasure with Josi

GO Preds and GO Roman

Greetings fro Switzerland


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