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Fleming was known as a great PKer, but Pavelich is one of the top defensive players of all time. Advantage to Pavelich. Primeau and Mosdell are both very strong in their roles, and I don't think you can definitively call one better than the other.

Salming is a better defenseman than Johnson, but Johnson's skillset seems tailored to be a PKer. These two are close. Goldham and Smith both have skillsets made for a PKer. Goldham is the better overall defenseman, but Smith has 49% PK usage for the dynasty Bruins. Goldham still gets the advantage.

Chicago has the advantage in 1st PK units. This is because of Pavelich, and Goldham.




I think Graves' defensive reputation as a forward is more well-established than Noble, and the fact that we know Graves killed penalties is what makes me take Graves in this scenario. We don't know if Noble ever killed penalties. Graves killed 26.6% over his career, and 32% if you take out his first 4 years in the league. Linden killed 33% of his team's penalties over 1,382 games. We've got data for half of MacGregor's career, 7 of 14 seasons. He killed 34.1% of his team's penalties over 480 games in that span. I think it's reasonable to say that MacGregor killed penalties at this pace for most of his career before that. Even if we give him credit for killing penalties at that rate his entire career(unlikely because rookies rarely kill penalties and most guys don't start killing penalties until 2 or 3 years in), is 1.1% more PKing more impressive if it's for 400 less games(ballparking for adjusting MacGregor's career games played)? I don't think so.

Goodfellow is better than Engblom, I don't think there's any great debate there. If you're using Quackenbush on your 2nd PK unit, then he's a better option than Reise. If you do, then I think your defensemen might have trouble clearing the front of the net because neither Engblom or Quackenbush was very physical. If you're using Green, then it's a close competition. Green killed 34.8% of the penalties in the 4 years we had data over 269 games.

2nd PK units are an advantage to Philadelphia. Philadelphia has better forwards, an advantage in Goodfellow, and Chicago may have an advantage with the other defenseman, depending upon who they use.

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