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04-20-2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Chubbs View Post
Boyle is far from the problem with this team. He has leadership and a strong desire to win which are qualities you want from a player come playoff time. The only fault he has is that sometimes he tries to do too much by himself, which to me says that he doesn't trust his teammates. Personally I think that's been a pretty big issue this year, and it's really obvious especially on the power play.

He should considered for a trade only because he's getting up there in age and the team should think about getting a decent return for him while they can. You're not going to completely replace his production in free agency, but if the Sharks were to sign someone like Carle in the offseason and if Demers/Braun/Burns take up more responsibility on the backend, then losing Boyle won't hurt the team as much as one would think.
Basically this. He's too selfish a player. That's not always a bad thing, but when you're on a team with so much talent as the Sharks, it just becomes irritating. I think his production can be covered by committee. I love Boyler as much as anyone and he's been amazing for this team, but unless DW thinks the Sharks can win the Cup next season (I mean really believes) with an aging Boyle, he needs to take advantage of Boyle's NMC becoming conditional.

Plus, I still blame him for that OT goal in the last game.

Originally Posted by Tkachuk4MVP View Post
I don't think he's the sure-fire #1 D-man that he used to be, but like I said in another post, if we can pair him up with a solid #4 like Stuart and cut his minutes (something Todd should've done this year) then he can still be an extremely valuable part of this team. Not to mention the fact that I think it would be nearly impossible to get equal value for him at this point.
Todd has shown that he refuses to cut Boyle's minutes, even with Burns coming in and Vlasic stepping up, Boyle's playing as many minutes as ever.

I still think that a team looking for an elite PPQB (Montreal, NYR, Jersey, etc) would give a good return for Boyle, given that he's not on a retirement contract and he's a proven winner.

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