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04-20-2012, 05:00 PM
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I'm done with my comparisons now. Attack them as you wish. I'm thinking we're going to be doing voting over the weekend, so here is my summary of why Philadelphia should win this series:

-Better overall first, second, and third lines
-Better second pairing
-Better goaltending
-More physicality from defensemen
-Better PP units(small advantage on the first unit, big advantage on the 2nd unit)
-Better 2nd PK unit
-Matchup advantage

My team is not worried about matching up much against the other team. We'll try to keep Gordie Howe away from Ching Johnson, Marty Pavelich, and Reg Noble. That's basically it. But, we're not afraid of these matchups. If we can get Howe away from them, then Howe will feast on Tommy Smith and George Hay. If not, we're not terribly worried about it. I'd like to know how much Chicago plans on using Pavelich and his line as a shutdown line against my top 6(specifically Howe and Dye). If they plan on doing that a lot, I think it will really limit the effectiveness of the 2nd line, which includes possibly Chicago's 2nd and 3rd best offensive players. The 2nd line doesn't have the defensive personnel to match up with my top 6, and may not get as much ice time in order to score goals. By playing the 3rd line often, it will mean less time for the offensive lines in the top 6. Also, Chicago's first line is the only other line they could pass off as a sort of checking line because of Reg Noble and Morenz at center. If they try to use them in a more defensive role, it will limit their offensive effectiveness as well.

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