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03-11-2006, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by blitzkriegs
For as much as he complains about space on patchy's radio show and in the mailbag, he sure as heck finds very peculiar ways to use the space he is allocated. His content is weak and one can tell he either keeps his distance from a lot of the players or he is not well liked by the players and they distance him.
Excellent points. His coverage is putting this team out of business and I'm tired of reading from other markets are players are largely unknown when they play well, I'm not in the teams lockeroom but it would not surprise me if a majority of the players see the poor coverage and are not willing to do anything for him. Also his work has simply gotten lazy with little depth.

The space he is given is likely out of his control and ultimately the blame for that must go on Newsday's sports editor (although he does seem to enjoy telling Islander fans how baseball's moster must be constantly fed and that a winning Ranger team is for our benefit which is non-sense because they are getting the same poor coverage they received when they were losing and cannot even help themselves much less the Isles-seems like Newsday needs Msg/Knicks so that's his mantra)

Meanwhile other teams writers (win or lose) sell the teams they cover as important to their market and as family to the readers, Hahn treats our club like he goes out of his way to distance the product from the fans/market and the results are disasterous for the product because the public does not identify with the club as it used to, even when it was losing.

Hard to become interested when you do not know the players story. Michael Fornabaio in Bridgeport writes something once a week on the players on that team and I know them better than our own players. If the space is not in the paper, it certanily is on the teams page in Newsday. Four cups and not a single article or digest of articles from those days, few pictures.

Outside of fans writing from well outside this market it seems the mailbag is locked tight these days. Dave Molinary was doing one a week in Pittsburgh wiht practice reports and minor league reports.

Originally Posted by blitzkriegs
The Yashin buyout on the very same day of the trade deadline is pathetic. Grossman plasters an entire article from DP's mouth about the TRADES, team directions, clearing cap space. Hahn? Let's go ask the captain about whether this all means he will face a summer buyout. Huh? Did we somehow miss the final 20+ games of the season that WILL be reflected by the 4 outgoing players?
That's the agenda Hahn is pushing, learing about the new players? Not interesting enough for him. It seems with Parrish gone he's running out of people to interview.

Originally Posted by blitzkriegs
He's starting to give me the impression that he wants to be the 'writer' that persuaded NYI to buyout one of the worst contracts in professional sports history. If he doesn't like Yashin, then that's fine. However, don't disregard the actual story of the day for his own motives even if they are remotely tied to it.
I agree but my impression is the attendance problems go hand in hand with the lack of visibility this club has been given by Hahn in the media.

I have seen enough poor coverage and lazy articles from him, he is no longer an asset to the fans or the product, I have read enough from him to now know I want him out.

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