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11-21-2003, 07:21 AM
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I hear what you're saying, but Jackman is simply worth much more than Satan. It's unrealistic from the start to think Jackman would come back in a deal involving Satan. I don't think a deal involving either player is possible between the two. The Blues only have one attractive asset to the Sabres in Jackman. His value is too much to expect a package built around Satan to work. After Jackman, the Blues don't have enough proven assets to land Satan.

Instead of the original poster stating any deal involving Satan would have to involve Jackman, it'd be easier to say that these teams don't have enough of interest to land Satan or Jackman from each other. Jackman is on one tier of trade value, Satan is one tier below Jackman's, and the other players are well below the pair of them. That's how I see it.
I think that is what he was trying to say as well. Just not in so many words.

The teams don't have the pieces that the other team want to have this deal go down.

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