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11-21-2003, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Bohologo
Let's not forget Gretz never signed here as a free agent, or came back to the team in another capacity. He's putting all his cash (some of it earned in Oil town) into some team in Arizona. I love Wayne, but he's made no efforts (until tomorrow) to give something back.

Lowe is living here when he doesn't need to (could have gone to NY), and is imbuing the current team with his toughness (bye Poti), competitiveness (bye Carter), and devotion to the Oil drop (stick around Staios, Smytty).

Lowe is shaping this team in his image, and I think it looks good.
I agree with all of that, but it's easy for us Oiler fans to sit back here and say Lowe, because of what he has done for the team and all, but if you ask fans from other teams I'm sure Gretz will have this one won, becuase of past success.

To me other fans have to have their say to figure out the true face of the Oilers franchise.

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