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03-11-2006, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by beach
So you've noticed too, eh Trots? The nerve of Hahn not focusing on just the positive. I mean, here is a guy making a gazillion bucks and earning about 3/10 of it and someone has the gall to question Yash's future and speculate about a buy out? If the Isles move to Las Vegas, it's clearly Hahn's fault!!
I am not saying he should always focus on the positive, but his article post dealine(and pre dealine as well) were written half-a$$ed. All his articles basically looks like he doesn't care about his job, he just basically gets up takes 5 minutes to write the article and hands it in. He should do more research and spend more time doing his articles.

Like i said there is a time and a place for the "should yashin be bought out" article, but he shouldn't write at the time he did. Personally i would have waited till the end of the season to write that article myself, or at least till we are mathematically eliminated. If he is stating yashin will be bought out he should write it as an opinion piece not as fact, mixed in with other facts that we did just trade 4 players and get 2 new players back.

People seem to get on Larry Brooks' case about his articles, but weather you agree or disagree with him, at least it looks like he puts effort into his articles, and that's all i wish Alan would do. If he wants to be negative he could have wrote an article how the Islanders are tanking the season and they should have kept the 4 guys.

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