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Originally Posted by kemisti View Post

How sure you're about that? Team didn't maybe tell to public that he had injuries or Pulkkinen didn't tell to the team that he had injuries but it's still possible that he had some injuries during the season that hampered his performance or something small during the offseason that hindered his training during the summer.

I didn't watch him play too much so I'm just guessing here.
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There was no mention or hints of any injury by the "insiders" at Jatkoaika until the end of the regular season. The only thing that was mentioned was that Pulkkinen gained more muscle than expected which meant that he probably wasn't quite as agile as normally and might explain why he seemed so spent towards the end of the games (though that was more due to the fatigue of the long season + WJC and no rest after it). They know the "problem" and will adjust his weight training this off-season.

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