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Originally Posted by DeYarmond Edison View Post
Zetterberg was a workhorse, though. Datsyuk was pretty much a nonfactor.
Z was our lone good player, Datsyuk was rea a nonfacotor at all. But I would not blame Datsyuk at all. I think it is Babcock's fault.
Originally Posted by UnamSanctam View Post
The reffing didn't decide this series, but I'm a bit upset that when the third period hit they wouldn't even call Weber on slashing Datsyuk's stick in half. There's a difference between letting them play and letting it become the Wild West.

Ah well, Ken better do something this off-season. Any Wings team that isn't excellent is a disappointment, and this team isn't excellent.
I did not see that.
Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Zetterberg was a workhorse and yet had 3 points and was a minus player.

There's something really wrong with the way this team is constructed.
Z was the only good player in the series. Datsyuk pulled a Hossa.
Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
It's fine for you to not like a guy. I just objected to him being singled out in some significant way. I think he had a very good series, tbh. I usually pick on Ericsson, but he also didn't seem to do much that made me notice him in a negative light. I wish he had more offensive spark because our D was just not getting it done, top to bottom, but there you have it.
I do not think he had a good series, but he lead our Dmen (tied with Kronwall) with 2 points.
Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
Zetterberg has Filppula on his wing, who works his ass off. Pavs typically had Mule and Bert. It was obvious come playoff time. Didjya know Bert's a power forward?
Babcock played Fraznen with Datsyuk till the 3rd period and then it was too, too, tooooooooo late.
He had to play Fraznen with Filppula and Z with Datsyuk, but .... is there anything good BAbcock did in the series?
Originally Posted by gretskidoo View Post
Filppula was completely and utterly invisible in the playoffs. I'm not even sure he played at all.
Filppula was not good at all. He looked almost like Cleary.
Originally Posted by Turkish View Post
I liked what I saw out of Nyquist in the series, especially taking into account that he was handcuffed to Homer and Emmerton for most of his IT. I REALLY would have liked him to get more games up w/ the Wings during the season, and more time w/ Datsyuk, which could have really set him up for success this postseason. Of course, Babcock doesn't seem fond of playing the young guys, so he still might have banished him to the 4th line anyway.
Nyquist was one of a very few players showing something and then Babcock decides to play Bertuzzi with Datsyuk.
Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
Oh yeah, I almost forgot:


Well the way the Wings played last 2 months we had to hope there was the switch, but now we all know there is not.
Originally Posted by hockeyisforeveryone View Post
Hilarious. I thought the same thing. This is the last year I think that excuse can be made for certain personalities. How you play the last games of the season is pretty much how you're looking post-season.
Well, that's it.
Originally Posted by Spitfire11 View Post
Sad ending to a promising season.
I do not think it was a promising season.
Holland and Babcock screwed it up big time.

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