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04-21-2012, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
I swear to G-d Almighty if I see folks trying to organize a protest during the logo unveiling I will drive straight over there just to set the signs on fire. I am SICK. TO. DEATH. of this agenda-pushing personality-cult-driven idiocy.

Can we please, PLEASE have something nice happen for once this year without folks trying to spin it into more reasons for the rest of the fanbase to shake their heads, pick up their phones, and dial whine-one-one for the waahmbulance?
Somebody needs to calm down! We're all on the same team here! We just happen to see things differently. Some of us are sick to death of the losing culture of this franchise and the inability of the owners to see the root cause of it. To keep the same management team responsible go unchanged is unacceptable. A fan protest is the only way to maybe push the point across that we are fed up and don't want to put up with it any more. If you are protesting something, you want to get as much attention as possible and hopefully enough to wake up the people in charge that there is a problem here that needs corrected. I thought the event scheduled for Friday would be a good stage to garner a LOT of attention. ( still do!). But obviously folks on here disagree with me, ok, so be it! I am not going to organize it, I had nothing to do with the first protest, I was out of town. I'm not sure what you're agenda is. If you want to continue to wait for the current team to turn around without changes, great! But to label the people who are fed up with the total failure here as whiners is BS! To sit back and do nothing is asking for more of the same crap we've been putting up with for the last 10 years.

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