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04-21-2012, 09:09 AM
Not so fast,
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I did a nice stick & puck session last night. Skated a bit on my own, worked on some shots against the wall, then practiced passing with someone.

I was feeling really good on my skates, finally able to get outside edges, etc. I got them sharpened before I skated yesterday and all of a sudden, my left ankle was collapsing in again. I also noticed my lower back was hurting quite a bit. It happened when I started working on passing. I was surprised, as last weekend I did a full practice and a game and didn't have any pain at all. Too many variables to figure out - maybe the skates weren't tight enough so not enough ankle support, maybe the sharper blades caused me to do something differently? I'm skating again tomorrow, so I'll see how that goes.

I'm crazy, I think. My coach sent out an e-mail from a team in NM that is doing a tournament over the Memorial Day weekend here in AZ. They were 4 players short, and looking for warm bodies to fill the roster. I warned them that I've only been playing for 5 weeks, but they were OK with that, so I'll be playing my first "real" games (other than the ones I've done with the adult D-league class).

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