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Originally Posted by johnny1976 View Post
Just wondering about skates for my son. He is using the Bauer supremes one20's right now and will be needing skates in the near future. He wants to stay with the Bauer line, but I have been reading that the Vapors are more of a forward pitch to give you a little extra speed. Is this true? Or is this just BS marketing? He is a very good skater with a long stride and one of the faster kids out there on his supremes. I'm just wondering if the vapors would give him a little more speed? I know the vapors run more narrow than the supremes so it will be based on which fit him better.
Many people have said that a forward pitch gives you extra speed skating forward. I never noticed a significant speed gain myself, but I did notice that I had a lot more trouble skating backwards. Which I did not appreciate. So I'm happier with neutral pitch.

What size skates are your kid wearing? Youth sized skates might be different than adult skates. Maybe they're all neutral pitched? I have no idea. But then again (as you mentioned), fit is much more important than pitch. If the pitch is really a problem, the skate could be profiled to change the pitch. Fit can't be changed much.

Also what level do you think we should look at? He is 9 and tall for his age, but is only maybe 70lbs. (very skinny, damn kid has a 6 pack already). I made the mistake a couple years ago buying him a top of the line skate (I got a great deal), but it really hurt his performance because they were way to stiff and he couldn't flex his ankle at all.
If he's really light for his age, he shouldn't get a stiff skate. The stiffness depends on weight. I don't know the exact level, but someone at the hockey store should be able to help you out. You could go with the equivalent stiffness of the ONE20 (if the current skate is working well) or maybe try a stiffness level one step up to accommodate your kid's growth/weight gain. Again, the people at the shop will know better than me.

The shop near me has a huge selection of used skates. If you have something like that available near you, I would consider used skates, since kids grow so fast. It's easy to exchange the used skates if you find that they are the wrong stiffness or fit.

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