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04-21-2012, 02:40 PM
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Our Collapsing Def. vs Ottawa

The Rangers have played a collapsed defense for pretty much the entire year. What this does is it allows them to block shots and keep the slot closed up, forcing the opposition to the outside most of the time. The other side of this coin is that the collapsing system gives Ottawa's point-men lots of time and opportunities to shoot (see Karlsson shooting as much as he does against us).

Do you guys think that this is an effective defensive strategy against a team like Ottawa who isn't afraid to wait for a shooting lane to open up and rip one? While blocking shots can be a very effective strategy for keeping pucks away from our net, it also isn't the most reliable strategy in my opinion. I say this because blocking shots can be a negative in two ways: First off, whether we actually block the shot or not, Hank is getting screened on the play. Secondly, blocking a shot isn't always guaranteed and there are many ways for a point-man to get the puck by. For example he can fake our wingers out or a shot can deflect off our winger and head towards our net leaving an unsuspecting Hank to make a great save.

Now I'm not trying to talk crap about our defensive strategy as it obviously did its job throughout the season... but what I'm concerned about is the number of chances Ottawa seems to be getting from their point-men. Do you guys think playing a tighter defense on the point would be a positive or a negative? This would leave SOME room in our higher slot area and could be risky, and honestly maybe our players don't have the speed to pull it off or just aren't that "type" of team (which is why Torts uses this system).

Just a couple of random thoughts I was thinking while watching Karlsson rip shots endlessly.

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