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11-21-2003, 08:24 AM
Del Griffith
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Originally Posted by Blatny Spears
Relax, BJ fans. There's always a one-year lag in a young player's development between when he breaks out and when his name gets on the All-Star ballot.
You kind of proved my point. In the NFL, when a rookie tears it up - or a 2nd year player has a breakout year - he's on the ballot and in the game (it didn't take Randy Moss very long to get to Hawaii). The NHL system of "it takes time to get your name out there before people notice and give you recogntion" is bogus.

I understand that the ballots are just for the starters. It's the propaganda machine that follows the "ballot guys" that bugs me. Why would the CBJ brass promote CASSELS, SANDERSON, and DENIS when the deserving one is Nash? (They had some sort of contest during the Wings game that if the potential ALL STAR scores or whatever ... oooh boy (!) ... some chosen fan gets a prize). That's my point. It's a completely flawed system and I just wanted to ****** about it.

By the way - I love Tyson Nash. Maybe not an all star, but he'd look great in our new 3rd jersey ...

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