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04-21-2012, 03:59 PM
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Most of what I have to say is in the long post I made earlier. There are obviously some things that Billy and I just aren't going to agree on...we've both made our cases for the voters on those topics.

One thing I do want to address is Frank Fredrickson's physical game...he does not bring a big physical game like Cook or Howe, but he is a large man and was bigger than most men of his era...seventies adjusted size puts him at 6'3"-6'4". He's not going to go around laying huge checks but he will use that size to win puck battles, etc. I believe last year someone compared him to Mats Sundin...not a big hitter, but a big guy who definitely used his size to gain an edge over others. I think this is a fair evaluation.

Borje Salming is playing on the #1 pairing and 1st units of both special teams. After doing that all season and through one playoff round already he could start to wear down some. He played a lot of minutes in real life, but he was also an elite #1 defenseman in real life...he is not in the ATD.

Bill Cook will see time on both the 3rd and 4th lines to get him extra ice time.

Summary of How and Why Chicago Will Win This Series

- Huge coaching advantage and home ice will allow them to dictate matchups.

- Much better defensive depth than Philly...all 3 D pairs are solid defensively and bring physicality

- Philly's lack of a checking line and overall lack of two-way players up front will get them in trouble against a team like Chicago with 2 high powered scoring lines, and an offensive 4th line.

- Good game plan for Gordie Howe with LW's on 2 different lines that can be used to check him, a very good shutdown D pairing with a guy that can stand up to Howe physically (physical players on the other D pairs as well).

- Wear down the injury prone Dickie Moore by pounding him physically with guys like Cook, MacKenzie, Johnson, Goldham, Green, and Ross.

- Players coach in Ivan that will maximize production from Morenz and Fredrickson

- Biggest weakness (goaltender) helped out as much as he can be by a backup that's a good fit, extra coaching, and team style.

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