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04-21-2012, 04:17 PM
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I went to the open house.

Up your game, Solar Bears.

First, and I know the Magic would like to see you fail, but there's no excuse for the shoddily put together metal sections of the stands.

Second, THAT is not Shades. Y U NO GO WITH SOMETHING THAT WORKS? He looks like a geriatric bear, or like a Shades mascot suit that you'd buy in Chinatown, if Orlando had one.

The original Shades worked. I know trying to bring attention to sufferers of steatopygia might be a noble pursuit, but the mascot is a symbol of our team, and a mascot with that much junk in the trunk is out of line.

Dare I say it? Not enough Poochie in him. (side note: needs bigger sunglasses)

Other than that, it's still a poorly designed building, and the cheapest seats are going to be the best ones for hockey.

I don't mean to sound all negative, and it's true that the Solar Bears dressing room, as it is, needs to be ripped out, and the carpeting replaced, as well as the stalls, which are not ideal for hockey (seriously, no skate hooks?) all that wood is going to get cut up by the end of training camp anyway.

What they need to replicate is the dressing room at their office/practice rink. That's how you do that.

If they think the dressing room they have at the Amway Center is the one they're going into the season with, they're going to lose. Each stall functions as it's own cubby, which takes away the team aspect of the room and makes it about the individual having their own space. There's also locked portion above the head part, and that's counter to what they should be trying to do. It's a ****ing team game, and if they can't trust each other, how are they supposed to fight for one another?

From a more technical perspective, it's better to leave it more open air, so their equipment can dry out. They're going to have a mildew problem at present if any of those compartment doors get closed with wet equipment inside on a consistent basis, which would pretty much have to happen, as the doors are there in the first place because they're meant to be closed.

There's not even a white board in the room yet.

I'd also bet that the coaches are going to want to take almost everything out of their dressing room, and put in some desks.

Actually, knock down the wall between the coaches dressing room and the players to make more room for the players, and get rid of the exercise bike in that room that they tried to make look bigger with mirrors, and make that the coach's office. The Magic will ***** that it's the single load bearing wall in the entire building, but take your chances that it's not.

It's already late April, and they haven't really done anything. They better be ready to move fast and furiously when they get some hockey people in.

Or, if that's the visitor's dressing room. Well played.

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