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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
LOLZ. Yeah, all a player has to do to just walk away from a Russian contract is basically pay the team the same salary they'd have paid him out of his pocket. Are the eleventy billion eyerolls implied? Hopefully.
I hope you didn't imply eleventy billion eyerolls when Radulov DID buy out his KHL contract?

Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
As for the Olympics, I suppose I can't simply say the NHL will be at Sochi for multiple reasons and convince you. Obviously it's an very meaningful issue for the players and it's far less critical for the league/owners. Therefore in the next round of negotiations it will be one of the things ultimately conceded by the owners well before other issues. That's how these things work. There wasn't a lockout in 2004 because of the Olympics.

So I stand by all of what I said.
Everything I've stated is 100% accurate.....particularly regading the limitations imposed by NHL contracts (re: international tournaments, signing elsewhere, etc.). However, that's the sacrifice one makes to play in the NHL.

I do think Tarasenko will sign with the Blues, but I also think its not an outright slam dunk.....particularly with the CBA hanging overhead. Although they are unlikely to hinder Tarasenko signing, I'm just bringing up some realistic potential obstacles into the discussion.

I really don't understand all the vitriol on your part.

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