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04-21-2012, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by starman View Post
Have faith, believe and think positively. Visualize the handshake at the end of the game and the looks on the faces of the players when they know they've won the series. On a psychic level it's not the better team that necessarily wins, it's the one that has the strongest belief. We can help support the players to believe in themselves and to know that the win is theirs to claim. I already think that they have a much higher motivation to win, since they have never won a cup and the Hawks have. And I believe that's why we're 3-1 up in the series and were 5.5 seconds away from 4-0, because we simply want it so much more than the Hawks do. And our fans do too. Coyote fans may be smaller in numbers but the intensity of the passion we feel for our team has been tempered and strengthened by the trials we have all been through in the past three years.

I won't be at all surprised if we blow them out tonight and win big. We need to play them hard, hit them a lot, wear them down, and stick to the system diligently. If we can get a 2 or 3 game lead then we need to be merciless and twist the knife, finish them off. No mercy.

A word on Raffi Torres. Even though there are those who feel he was treated fairly, (or even not harshly enough), I think the majority of non-partisan people acknowledge that he has been singled out as an example, and certainly with much less benefit of the doubt or lenience than Weber and others have seen. So I feel that puts our sinful winger in the role of martyr to some extent, and I hope the Coyotes and fans rally behind him and win one for Raffi. I look forward to hearing what the Glendale crowd chants tonight!

Remember.....see the celebrations and the handshake line in your imagination and we can help them pull this off tonight!! Then they can get some rest and rehab any bumps and bruises, etc.

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