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11-21-2003, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by loveshack2
The opposing argument goes something like this....

"Would you rather have a new hospital/school? Or would you rather watch pampered grown men make millions playing a game?"

Now I happen to believe we spend far too much on health care in Canada and that the system needs a drastic overhaul, but that's another discussion entirely.
Hey, life is full of choices and if having teams remain in Canada is really such an important issue then the goverment needs to step up and lend a hand.

Amerian taxpayers don't have much say when their dollars are spend to GIVE franchises brand new arenas or when the local goverments cut all sorts of tax breaks to these pro teams so why should teams in Canada have a new CBA that would sponge off the teams making money just so that those cities local goverments can bang out these NHL teams with ridiculous tax numbers that further hurt the teams ability to compete on a level playing field?

If a team can't stand on it's own and the local goverment makes matters worse as oppossed to stepping up and providing some economic relief then that team and city shouldn't be looking for any sort of handouts and/or CBA's that specically cater to them IMO.

I don't want to see Canadian teams fold but what right is right and if teams can't compete financialy with the rest of the league it's up to the politicians in that city and/or country to weigh just how much the team means to the quality of life within that city and at that point decide if they will do what ALL US teams do and provide economic relief or let the teams fold/relocate.

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