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11-21-2003, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by DarioinDenver
I think you're looking for perfection in a profession that cannot be perfect. Before the two ref system things were even worse, yet by some miracle more "open". You remember, play is going the other way and you punch the forward in the back of the head. The forward retaliates, ref looks back and makes a minor call. The entire game behind the play consisted of what can I get away with to get a call. Now people ***** about clutching and grabbing hurting the state of the game.
I was very happy, as I think were most people, when the two ref system was introduced. I don't think the game was any more open before than now, but I don't really the think the system was intended to do that. They were worried about cheapshots and nothing else, really.

Refs don't call hooking and obstruction and some players embelish said hooks and obstructions to force the whistle. In my opinion your focus is off. Get the hooking and obstruction consistantly called in a game early and the diving will not be there. That's just my hypothesis but it seems to me that in games that start off with players testing the refs. How much can I hook this guy before I get verbal warnings from the refs? You see it all the time, Frasier sees a play and skates up to the guy who commited the infraction and says, "Easy with the stick Smith, next time you're gone". It's the subsitute teacher/babysitter syndrome, they test to see how much they can get away with and try to walk that line as much as they can. If the refs set precedence when players start clutching and using the stick the I think you'll see less embelishing of said penalties later in the game.

I'm all for calling matching minors for diving. They are usually associated with some sort of penalty and neither should get away with it.
But nothing is applied consistently, either between officials or from period to period. You're much more likely to get away with obstruction if you're down a man. I think that's wrong. Maybe most people don't and that's the fundamental difference. I like the idea of calling it early, but I don't agree that it would disappear. The players have been given a looooong leash for a long time and I think the window for nipping it in the bud early as an effective means of controlling it has closed. The players have all this history of pushing and pushing until they get away with it, which in this system, they invariably do.

Taking refs off the ice is not a good idea IMO.

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