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03-12-2006, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Stop making excuses, he needs to play better and while the team didn't play great, if he plays well the team wind. End of story.
No offense mate, but you need to get your head on straight IMO. Let's go through the goals one by one.

Goal 1: Horrible turnover by the Flyers give us an easy 2 on 1. To make it worse, 3 Flyers all decide to puckwatch. Nitty comes out to challenge the shooter which is exactly what he should do. But the D doesn't cover the pass and Dumont has an empty-netter. Not his fault in any way shape or form.

Goal 2: Dumont had 2 whacks at Nitty's pad (where was the defense) before sliding it around the net to Hecht who can bank it in the other side. While banked goals always look like the goalie's fault, they aren't IMO. It was the defense's job to clear the crease and protect the crease and they couldn't do it. It looked like Buffalo was playing 2 on 0. I've noticed this with both Nitty and Esche this year. The defense refuses to protect the crease and opposing forwards can just whack at the puck until it goes in.

Goal 3: A really freaky goal. Took 2 really lucky bounces for Buffalo and right onto Briere's stick. Unless Nitty's leg is 6 inches longer, I don't blame him for this. With a player of Briere's stickhandling ability, that's a goal every time.

Goal 4: After more horrible neutral-zone play by the Flyers, the Sabres get another 2 on 1. Nitty makes the save and does leave a rebound, I'll give you that. But where was the Flyers defense to clear it? Does it strike anyone else as odd that a Buffalo defenseman had the opportunity to come all the way down the ice and shoot that puck before a Flyers d-man or forward cleared? Definitely strikes me as a bit weird and a bit pathetic as well.

Goal 5: I'm with you on this one. Nitty has to know what kind of player Drury is and he has to know to keep his shoulder up. No excuses for this one. It's a bad mistake.

Goal 6: Again, terrible defensive zone play by the Flyers. You can blame Nitty for that pass all you want, but the fact is that the puck ended up being turned over behind the net. Nitty had absolutely no chance to react. By the time he could, it was in the net. Once again, no sign of the Flyers defensemen out in front of the net doing their job.

So in conclusion, we had 3 goals that were due to utter breakdown's by the Flyers, 1 goal that was allowed by terrible defending around the crease, 1 goal that was a lucky bounce, and 1 goal that was Nitty's fault.

Considering Nitty's stellar play in the first period (Buffalo dominated, but the Flyers left with a 2-0 lead) I don't blame him for this loss whatsoever. The defense needs to start doing their job.

I wasn't too impressed with Gauthier today, hopefully he'll get better.

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