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11-21-2003, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
Not the point.What if EVERY team within the NHL did this too increase revenue???What happens then?Why should canadian teams have this "special" way of generating extra revenue?Is that fair?
In fact, before all you geniuses lose more sleep over it, the idea was imported from the American teams - most of which collect city, state, user, luxury, entertainment or other taxes from not only hockey players (the Oilers paid in something like 22 cities last year) but from every rock star, circus, or other form of entertainment that comes into town. Do you really think the "taxpayers" are paying the bills for the arenas down there?

This is old news - the debate ran just as hot two years ago when the idea was first floated around, and the tax has been in place for a full season plus already.

And - just so you don't feel sorry for the players on this, as I recall it the reason it is collected by the government is so that tax credits can be applied against the income taxes being paid by Americans so this is not a burden on the other teams or on the players - it just allows some (very small) part of the total taxes paid out of hockey to stay where the games are played instead of just where the player lives. That is also not unusual.

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