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11-21-2003, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Jackman will not be moved for Niinimaa. St Louis gets boned on that deal, and they're the ones accepting a salary dump.

If Niinimaa moves, the Islanders get awful thin on defense. They'd need a lesser defenceman back. If Mayers is indeed part of the deal (which I highly, highly doubt for reasons that have been said by others) I could see Khavanov and Mayers for Niinimaa. Although even that might be overpayment...Khavanov straight up might do it.
Agreed that the Isles would need a defenseman coming back the other way if Niinimaa was traded. But Niinimaa for Khavanov even? That isn't even close. Khavanov is older than Niinimaa and a lesser player. The Isles only do this if they are desperate to get rid of Niinimaa's salary. I doubt they are that desperate.