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04-22-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
Speaking your mind is a good thing, in the right forum. No one in charge likes to be publicly challenged. When you do it, it never ends well. For whatever reason, Cammy aired his dirty laundry for all to see. He probably tried to do in private and was turned back... who knows.

PG, clearly was not a great leader and unfortunately Cammy and ultimately the team is paying the price for this. Even had Molson sided with Cammy at the time and fired PG instead of trading Cammy, his future as hab was sealed. Molson could not have kept someone around who publicly challenged management and won. The inmates do not run the asylum.

Molson made a great move by giving him the sweater. This should never have been a story, but PG really did make a mess of things here.
Cammy challenged inept management. Habs were a complete JOKE around the league. Gauthier has a horrible reputation.

And look what happened...the guy got fired and we then hear stories of how big of a ****** he actually was. He's an incompetent fool and Cam called him out on that.

You can go fight for 8th with a bunch of choir boys. I want guys who show up in the playoffs and can carry the team.

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