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11-21-2003, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by wazee
Is that what your media is telling you up there north of the border? They are saying American taxpayers don't have much of a say? That is very interesting and also very untrue.

I live in Denver. We have build a new baseball stadium and a new football staduim in the last decade. In both cases the residents of the 6 county Metro-Denver area got to vote on the increase in taxation that would finance the stadiums. In both cases, the pro-stadium side won by a substantial margin.

I live in NYC Wazee but my point is that ALL new arena's in the US recieve massive amounts of financial and tax considerations and there are plenty of people that don't even give a sh$t about sports that wind up footing part of the bill.

It's a quality of life issue within each city and if a city decides it doesn't want to financially become involved with Pro teams then that is a decision they make and if they lose their team it's entirely up to them.

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