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Originally Posted by ThatCrazyRangerFan View Post
I don't understand why though. Well I mean I do, but I don't understand why the hell they don't do more. EX: The rebounds are there and we don't even attempt to get them in. We have a sniper is Gabby (Yeah, 1 sniper won't do it all.), Cally ( Again, 1 man cant win the game for 18 unless it's Hank). 90% of the team went braindead, forcing McD to play offense for the whole team
The problem is not hustle/effort. Our offense is inept for 2 reasons:

1 Don't have the horses (need snipers to finish play/make linemates more threat).
2 We have D first mindset, instead of a more intelligent, balanced mindset, which would attempt to go offense as much as possible, but then recognize/respond properly quickly and fully with D when needed.

We can't out play on hustle, hope to get a goal or 2 (if lucky) then go into shutdown mode.

The "prevent" D in football is also usually ineffective.

We will improve.
We will have Hagelin back.
We need to turn Kreider completely loose, whatever the risk, with the right linemates, especially since Boyle is out.
We need a little luck and we can still be ok.

But we must make our own luck and play SMARTER.

Torts, are you listening??................

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