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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
So if Beck came into the league next year and became a 30 goal scorer for the next 10 years or so while Bourque played the same game he has this year and had no growth to his game would mean what? If Beck's ceiling is higher and meets his potential, he is the better prospect. The terms prospect and players mean two different things. A prospect is based generally on projections whereas players are based on their stats and careers.

Just because players are drafted in the same year has no bearing on how you rate players. Landeskog was drafted this past year whereas Bourque was drafted a few years ago. Who would you rather have on your team? Don't get me wrong, I have become a huge Bourque fan but I think your point of view is a bit skewed.

And reading your retort, of course it's better to be better now than possibly meeting potential but if the player reaches his potential, then I'll go with that guy over the long haul any day of the week. The thing is, GM's have to look at all of this, what's good for the team now and what's good for the team long term and the only thing they have to go on is scouting reports, visual reports and seeing how these guys develop.

While I know Budish has had injury concerns power forwards do take longer to develop. If he can ever put it together he could be a real good one.

Beck was never projected to be anything near lanksendog. Thats just like the Yakupov comparison, and i NEVER made that. We are comparing Beck, Budish, and Bourque.

With that said, sure Beck COULD come in and score 30 goals, but Im going to bet cash money he wont, seriously. Budish and Beck for all we know could never see an NHL game, as opposed to the 30 goal scoring scenario you brought up. It works both ways. Like i said, being good now is better than meeting 'said' potential, ESPECIALLY when 'said' potential is at best a 20 goal scorer. Beck is no Radulov type player. Sure he has some nice hands but so does Marty, SK, AK, Leggy, and to be honest i dont see him being better than any of those said players. Bold statement? I think not. I get that players get projected and ranked and all hyped up by the org. that drafts them, but when 3 players get drafted in the same year and one (bourque) makes it to the NHL first you have to rank him ahead of the other prospects in my mind because he made the jump sooner and is having an instant impact compared to others.

Once again, I never knocked either players im just saying TO ME Bourque is the better prospect currently compared to Budish and Beck. Could that change, of course. But I have an itch trotz and poile would agree with me on Bourque, hence why Bourque got the call up and not any other player. Sure one could say he plays a different game compared to Beck and Budish but he was the one that was the most far along according to the coaching staff. Isnt that what drafting prospects is all about developing them and having them meet said potential to play on your team? Bourque has got them beat by more than a few steps in that department. Which is why my pick is for Bourque being the better ranked prospect RIGHT NOW. Like i said anything could change, for example Ellis in now our #1 ranked prospect now over Josi.

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