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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
You completely missed my point. It's not whether Cammy was right or wrong. It's too bad he had to beak off in the media. Maybe if Cammy wasn't completely ******** the bed with his own play he would have had a right... It's very hard to take someone seriously who is so badly under-performing. He looked lost and floating most nights, if he were the true leader and winner he purports himself to be then he would have led by example. If lets say... Cole ... had said similar things he'd get more respect... I still think he'd be asking for trouble... but at least he's speaking from a position of strength. By all accounts Cammy was not being a team player and was openly defying the coach. Whether he may be right or not, he's still wrong from a team perspective. Win together, lose together. If you want to be part of the solution, lead by example on the ice, words never won a hockey game.
I'm not missing the point. I don't see an issue with anything he said... He blamed everyone as well as himself. Again, I don't see the issue here.

The team was dead last in the league. He was obviously frustrated and I likedhis response instead of the same old tow the line "We have to get better" lines we hear from our "leaders".

I have learned one thing. If you are not a choir boy, Habs fans and management will dislike you and want you gone.


I can respect the opinion that Cam should have handled things differently. I personally just don't have an issue with what he said. And I'm sick of people questioning his effort...that too is exaggerated.

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