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04-22-2012, 02:49 PM
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PBPantherfan, I LOVE your little guys!!! So cute! Do you sell your babies? Are you on the Chameleon Forums? That's how we found Beezer. Got him from a guy in Miami. Beezer is the most awesome Cham ever. He crawls all over the place and is very friendly. Shula, our Veiled, is a bit on the grumpy side. Aside from eating, he has no use for us. LOL

Skittles, the baby morph Chameleon, will be here Tuesday. Can. Not. Wait!

Had to channel my obnoxious 'hockey mom' today. Our coach has been MIA the past two weeks, and this week we had teenagers fill in for him. They gave Cam 2 60-second shifts the entire third period (and that's being generous). They left their favorites on the ice the entire period. I was pissed. It's rec league - and they're kids - everyone gets equal ice time. So I pulled my boys in the last minute of the game from the bench, and told the hockey director how I felt. The hockey director apologized, but made excuses ("it's teenagers this week", "I had to fill in for the refs today and didn't notice", etc). I don't want excuses...I want my kid to get some damn ice time. We're at the rink three days a week as it boys practice so they can play in the games. We don't spend all this time and money to warm the benches. We'll see how it plays out.

ETA: Congrats Uncle Soupy!!

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