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11-21-2003, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
I live in NYC Wazee but my point is that ALL new arena's in the US recieve massive amounts of financial and tax considerations and there are plenty of people that don't even give a sh$t about sports that wind up footing part of the bill.

It's a quality of life issue within each city and if a city decides it doesn't want to financially become involved with Pro teams then that is a decision they make and if they lose their team it's entirely up to them.
There are plenty of people who don't give a sh$t about the Art Museum or the ballet either, but they wind up footing part of the bill for that, too. Bluntly, my tax dollars are spent for a good many programs that I do not use and even agree with. Wouldn't it be interesting if we got to check a little box on our income tax form stating where we wanted our money to go?

My problem with your post was that your statement that American taxpayers didn't have much of a say about their tax dollars being used to finace arenas and stadiums. In my opinion and experience, that is simply not true.

In Denver, as with most of the cities where sports facilities have been built recently, taxpayers most definitely did have something to say. And it was not just a few letters to the editor or a couple of people standing up at a city council meeting. The issue was put to a vote. How much more direct input could taxpayers have on the issue?

I would agree that the decision to build or not build an arena should be a local issue decided by a vote. And that is exactly what has happened in cities around the United States in the last decade.

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