Thread: Great Britain: Hockey in Britain part 2
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04-22-2012, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
You can just ask me about that lol, I'm more knowledgeable than all of the posters on THF combined they would just give you biased accounts of their own players.

I can't really help you with northern players though, but I get to see a wide range of southern players from lining.
Alright well I don't know who classifies as Northern or Southern (seeing as I'm Canadian, my British Geography is awful )

Most of my questions are about kids like Oliver Betteridge (Nottingham), Taylor Wootton (Invicta), and Matthew Selby (Coventry) and how they compare to the likes of Joseph Lewis, Robert Dowd, Stephen Lee, or even David Phillips.

A couple other random questions I can think of would be, who look like front runners for next years U20 team? Only name I've really heard so far is Andrew Brummitt.


Has OHA started inviting kids to play for them next year? I know this is usually the time that North American prep schools get their commitments but this isn't a normal situation lol

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