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04-22-2012, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Thilander View Post
Alright well I don't know who classifies as Northern or Southern (seeing as I'm Canadian, my British Geography is awful )

Most of my questions are about kids like Oliver Betteridge (Nottingham), Taylor Wootton (Invicta), and Matthew Selby (Coventry) and how they compare to the likes of Joseph Lewis, Robert Dowd, Stephen Lee, or even David Phillips.

A couple other random questions I can think of would be, who look like front runners for next years U20 team? Only name I've really heard so far is Andrew Brummitt.


Has OHA started inviting kids to play for them next year? I know this is usually the time that North American prep schools get their commitments but this isn't a normal situation lol
This should help you with which clubs are north and which are south. Obviously South West and South East are in the south leagues, Midlands and North is the Northern leagues.

All of the 93 born players plus Zach Sullivan from this years team are pretty much locks and 94 born players who I think are very likely to make it are David Clements, Sam Godfrey, and Ross Venus from this years 18's team. I can't think of any 93's who didn't make the U20's this year, but the goalies from the 93/94 class at the U18's were Brandon Stones and Ben Hunt, I think Brummitt could challenge for a spot though, Stones has been benchwarming for the entire season while Brummitt has been playing Division 2 as well as backing up EIHL.

Those Wootton brothers need to be playing A league juniors before I would even consider them as GB team prospects, it is very easy to put up a ton of points in the B league, Aidan Doughty pretty much won the B league by himself at U16's. Doughty is an exception though, he also has senior experience as he started playing Division 1 at 16, but even then James Griffin and Zach Sullivan both started in the EPIHL at 16 and got more ice time as Dmen than Doughty does in Divison 1.

I spoke to one of the Swindon parents about the Academy and he said they have already had loads of interest, including 4 overseas players.

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