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04-22-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
You're agenda is transparent. "Dallman is the best!", yet when disagreed with, "You're biased against Dallman!" Well, sorry, a lot of KHL fans are citing non-Russians and/or players who've played in NA before.....there is no bias.

Dallman's numbers are incredible; BUT statistics should be put into context (go to the history board....that's lesson #1).
If Dallman was THAT dominant, why has he been a KHL 1st team only once?.....oh, that's right, the KHL is biased! Silly me.

Please watch the KHL on a regular basis before making such bold statements and stop turning threads into flame fests of nationalities and/or Europe vs NA. I don't know why the mods put up with you.
yet when someone picks a north american for this list your first statement was that they were not allowed to have an opinion. I'll let your record and personal attacks stand for themselves.

One question.
If the KHL isn't biased why do they limit their number of foreign players?

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