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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
IF Andrei never complained (or was unhappy) about being on the 3rd line, then I'm wrong. I can't prove it AND you can't prove it either that he never did complain, were in that dressing room.

My opinion:
without Russians, Swedes, Finns, Slovenians...the NHL would be so boring. So boring.

BTW, Andrei had 24pts this season as a Hab...****ing joke...and you still want to waste your time defending this ex-Hab (turn the page, it's over with Andrei in Mtl...was a waste of time drafting that bum, so glad he's finally gone! time to improve our Habs). You want to defend ex-Habs? Defend a Bouillon and a Robidas who gave their hearts out there. Instead of thinking about Andrei and should look on the bright side and look forward to Pacioretty, Price, Subban's 3rd full season, Beaulieu, Tinordi, L Leblanc, Gallagher, Ellis, healthy Gionta, a more experienced Eller, etc...

I'm not anti-Russian, but I don't want that lazy or inconsistent player on our Habs team (Cammalleri 2011-2012 was a lazy useless bum (but loved him in '10 playoffs) ; Renee Bourque...played liked an AHLer for us ; inconsistent and expensive Andrei Kosts can throw hits, way too expensive). Rene Bourque better ****ing play next season, or else other players can move UP and replace him (ex: Gallagher, L.Leblanc).

Not obvious but I'm not a Russian or European hater...I love European style hockey (beautiful/graceful/nice to watch, especially Russian style hockey).

Russians or Europeans I like:
Lidstrom (huge fan of his peaceful/effective/VERY cerebral game)
Volchenkov stops pucks with his face (as brave as Gorges, but I love our Gorges more!)
Emelin (let's just hope he shows up in playoffs)
Kovalev (always showed up in playoffs...loved that about him + he was so skilled)
AND MANY MORE...I can come back here later to add more!

Russians I don't like:
<Kovalev (huge fan but didn't like it when he didn't always show up in regular season)
<Malakhov (but I loved his style/skating/passing,etc)
<Semin (like his style though)
<Markov (love his cerebral game/passing but can't stand waiting for him with injuries and constant no-shows in playoffs)
<Viktor Kozlov
<Ovechkin (of course we'd take him but wouldn't give up as much as people want to for him...I'd prefer a Parise or a Eric Staal, for examples)
<Kovalchuk (makes a **** load of money...not a leader...the real leader of that team is ZACH PARISE...Lamoriello ****ed up big time by giving Kovalchuk all that money... Brodeur won so many Cups for Lamoriello but never came close to asking for Kovalchuk money).
Yeah Andrei complained. Yes he did.
He had 24 points you are right.
Those two things go with each other though.
Andrei Kostitsyn at the moment of the feud was playing 2-3-4-5 minutes a game.
Lol at no parise before ovi.

And instead of calling Andrei a bum..why don't you watch old vids of him grinding in the corners?
Are you from quebec ? i mean the province.
Because it's people like you who swallow all the ******** the media gives that makes us be a dumbass province and always be called idiots or thing like that.
I wish I lived somewhere else

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