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04-22-2012, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
IF Andrei never complained (or was unhappy) about being on the 3rd line, then I'm wrong. I can't prove it AND you can't prove it either that he never did complain, were in that dressing room.
Um... yeah, we sort of can, actually. How many times has A.Kost been bumped down to the 3rd line (or lower) over the past couple of years? Many, right? We're all familiar with Martin's line juggling, I assume, and A.Kost's several trips to "the doghouse". So how is it, then, that just this season - not the only season A.Kost has been bumped to the 3rd line, mind you - he said he'd still be willing to extend with the Habs for lower than "market value"?

I mean, why even bother speculating as to whether or not he may have complained to his diary about it or not? He was public about being willing to stay in Montreal, "despite" how he has been used in the past, so what else do you really need to know on the subject?

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