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04-23-2012, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
This board is a absolute joke!!! not many understand the importance of not being bullied and most importantly on home ice in front of your fans.. Scott taking the extra 2 mins in a fight with Carkner or Neil is nothing compared to the impact of watching the ultimate team guy like Boyle laying on the ice with a season ending head injury. The Nhl allows fighting and thus having one that is the best at it is a major factor. Neil is a ******* that has gone unchallenged by anyone on this roster that alone makes me sick but add in the injury and the fact he won a game in Ot makes me want to puke.. 95% of the people on this board are so passive and hippie like it hurts. what next 2 hand touch in the NFL because the collisions are to violent ? Now the Rangers get knocked out and we have to sit here and hope Boyle is ok for next year and I know Neil could and may have thrown that hit anyway but Scott running Spezza and getting suspended wouldn't hurt the Rangers at all.
If anything has become evident in the post-lockout era, it's that having someone like Scott in the lineup does not prevent the type of things like the Boyle concussion at all. 0 percent. Maybe it's the instigator rule, maybe not, but there have been plenty of hits that were much worse and much more blatently dirty than the Neil on Boyle hit with players similar to John Scott in the lineup. It didn't prevent them; and the players didn't have to answer afterwards.

And coaches aren't stupid. Why would they dress Scott and have a player you probably would put on the ice for four minutes of ice time when you could dress Kreider who could eat more ice time and can actually take a few shifts in overtime should the game go on for an extended period of time.

The last thing we need is a double OT game where Torts is forced to shorten his bench more than he already does because we dressed Scott to try and make some stupid statement.

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