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04-23-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Richards and Gaborik struggles are primarily due to the lack of an ideal linemate for them. Hagelin is not bad, but he's not what they need to do their best. You apparently haven't followed Rupp's career much, because he has always been cycled onto top six lines for periods of time when his teams needed a strong presence to help create space in the offensive zone. He is slow, slower than ever, but that is neutralized by the speed of Gaborik to some degree. Furthermore, in the offensive zone you need space, not necessarily speed. It helps, but Richards needs someone to help do the dirty work. He's not a particularly big or strong guy. It's why he worked so well with Neal.

Rupp should have occasionally played top six minutes, it's part of what makes him a much more versatile option than most players like him. He's a pretty smart player and he has more skill than most players of his ilk.
Man sorry but i disagree with everything your stating. He may have played top 6 mins in the past buts that the past, the game keeps getting faster. And yes in the cycle hes big but that doesent mean he creates space. He is not a guy i notice as someone who protects the puck very well and when he does it appears he is flat footed.

You make it sound like Gaborik and Richards are not playing well because they dont have a good linemate to play with. This is the furthest thing from the truth. They are weak when the game gets tough and they dont rise to the occassion or havent since ive seen them. I want to hold my tongue because we have a must win tomorrow and i hope they play well but as of now there poor play would happen with any player you put on that wing. In fact Hagelin has been the one to improve there play and they have both gained from playing with him and hopefully will tomorrow. Rupp Decesion making is just not quick enough to play with Gaborik. Richards can be tried with Rupp on another line and than slide Dubi in between Hagelin and Gaborik if anything because atleast if Duby comes to play that top line would be creating every shift.

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