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04-23-2012, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by LIPensFan98 View Post
Pens Fan here.

I give your team credit for playing well. They outplayed the Pens and deserve to win the series. Overall they were the better team and there's no question about that. In the end it came down to MAF and Bryz. Bryz had a great game when it mattered most, Flower played like garbage.

With that said, it's hard to argue that game 1 was tied up on a goal that was about 3 feet offsides. It's also hard to argue that luck is on your side when you are wondering around the corner of the rink in overtime and the puck just happens to hit off a few skates, land on your stick and your looking at an empty net.

With what I saw in the first round, unless the D Zone play increases dramatically, I never saw either team going very far anyway.
If you recall prior to that offside goal which the Pens got an official apology from the league...there was an icing that was supposed to be called on the Pens that resulted in a goal...

Anyway..appreciate the acknowledgement but I think the whole bounces and luck thing is a bit overstated from the Pens contingent. I guess the Flyers are just brimming with luck considering they had a decimated D they had to overcome thanks in no part to less than sportsmanlike conduct by the Pens..

On that's over ...but it's not all forgotten. I've never felt this much animosity for a team ...except maybe the Devils and Stevens when he knocked out Lindros and our cup hopes.

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