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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
So would you say Blum is the better prospect since he beat Josi to the NHL? That's the logic you're using. Whoever gets to the bigs first is better? Also, I wasn't comparing Landeskog to anyone, I was just stating draft year should have no bearing in the discussion, it's really moot at the end of the day.

You also said, right now, Bourque is the better prospect, yes, he is because he's making a difference and playing well but that does not mean he is the better long term prospect. It just means he's better now. Plenty of guys were good the first time around the league, Blum included and look where he ended up, in Milwaukee.
Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
LOL. That last line made me laugh. Have you seen Beck play in camp? He is nothing like O'Reilly at all. O'Reilly was a playmaker and Beck is a shooter. He probably shoots more than anyone I've ever seen at camp. Give him the puck in the offensive zone and he's shooting.

You never answered my question though, according to what you've said, since a guy, Blum, makes it to the NHL first, he is a better prospect/player than someone who is with the team right now, Josi. That is what you were saying about Bourque since he made it to the NHL ahead of Beck and Budish. So does that make Josi better or worse than Blum at this point?

Like I've said all along, ratings are based on now AND the future. While Bourque is doing a great job right now, I'd like to revisit this conversation 5 and 10 years down the line.

Best part of this discussion is that we're talking about good players.

At the moment, yes, bourque is the better player/prospect due to him being in the NHL and contributing in a very mature way. My logic isnt 100% based on he made it to the NHL first, its how he got there first. He obviously showed signs of being further developed and farther along in his game on both sides of the puck, which we have all seen. He is trusted to play on a line with Legwand and Radulov in the playoffs, by Barry Trotz. Im fully aware that prospect evaluation involves judging now and the future but like ive said earlier its all speculation until one proves themselves. Bourque has proved himself thus far. Sure anything could change ala blum. But wasnt Josi supposed to be the call up instead but was injured so coincidentally blum got the chance and stuck? if true that means Josi has always been regarded as the better prospect in the managements eyes. I mean Josi to me will be the better player. His maturity is growing every game.

I also will enjoy looking back at this conversation, if possible in a few years, because it is a lot of speculation involved in this debate.

EDIT: also the beck and O'reilly comparison is no where near off-base because oreilly was a beast in the AHL and i bet Beck will put up similar goal totals as Oreilly in the AHL. Oreilly had 2 more goals and 25 more points than Beck in his first year in the AHL, granted in 4 more games , but you get the point.

Time will tell if Beck tears it up, and i really hope he does.

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