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04-23-2012, 01:56 AM
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Tickets becoming more scarse

The only downside to our recent success is that it's harder to come by tickets at cheaper prices. I've always done the pay as you play plan, but this year I went to the Final Four and thought no big deal, I'll just buy the games I want to go to a few days before. Not much luck so far. I went to 1 round 1 game and all I could get was $150 a piece seats at my sth rate. Round 2 is coming up and even though we don't know the dates or times, game a has less than 500 tix remaining and game b less than 1000. I guess I'll have to buy some even not knowing the date/time and just hope I can make it. The few tickets I have access to at my sth rate end tomorrow at 5pm then go public. I'm not sure my point in all of this but I guess it's going to start becoming like this more often.

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