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04-23-2012, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by LatexiKledjut View Post
I would Imagine most HPK fans aren't too upset.
That is right. Really reminded me of an ex-Ässät (played for Kärpät in the 1-division as well) "legend" Martin Bergeron. A guy who produces well on a bad team, but still is no where near being good enough to be a scoring line forward on a team that has a goal of having success. Kinda like Derek Damon too, except that Double-D knew some d-play as well...Oh well you get the point, a foreign midget with an above average skill set and instincts for the game, but not quite good enough to truly be an asset. If he was a Finn however, he would probably play for SaiPa or something...

And in case anyone cares:

Petri Vehanen, Arttu Ilomäki, Kimmo Koskenkorva and Tommi Kovanen -> Lukko

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