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03-13-2006, 01:17 AM
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1. Fire Hitchcock
2. Implement a style that is beneficial to this team. For instance, I'd love to see us go to a wide open game, but we just don't have the defensive skaters to make it a real go. Implementing some sort of free flowing game with defensive responsiblities could be done
3. Work on those dreaded special teams. We are absolutely attrocious when it comes to the special teams. It's a given that the Stanley Cup winner usually has both the PP and PK in the top 10. We have a lot of work left to do to dramatically improve those categories.
4. Get a coaching staff in place that can work well with kids. I think the biggest fault in Philadelphia is that the coaching staff just doesn't know how to react to the kids. As well, the kids seem kind of worried to make any sort of mistake for fear of being benched. We need a coach who will help work with the kids and remove that whole aura of fear of making a mistake.
5. Get rid of management. My nickname says it all, but it's time that Clarke and the rest of his group go. He's been there since 1995 and in 12 years, this team hasn't regressed, but it hasn't progressed either. It's time for a complete philosophical change in terms of how to build the team. Fresh blood is needed. I think someone like David Conte or Jim Nill would be good choices to be GMs on this team.
6. Fire the training group. The number of injuries our guys have been through has been absurd. Granted, you really can't do much in terms of training for head injuries, but groin injuries are something else. As well, it seems players have been given the OK to come back before they were actually healed. We need a good set of trainers that are going to develop a good training regimen that will include some really good stretching exercises to keep muscles loose.
7. Get a group of people together who have fun. The one thing that I see about this team is that they are ultra competitive. However, this is a team that seriously lacks a fun factor. If you take a look at all the previous Stanley Cup champions, there was always a group of people who helped take the edge off and keep everyone real loose. Everyone is so wound up in Philadelphia, they need someone to take the heat off.
8. Get a real leader. Hatcher isn't a leader, he's a Hitch snitch. That's one of the reasons I'm kind of glad they didn't bring back Recchi. We need a leader who is going to stand up, carry this team on his back, and lead them. Forsberg was doing this, but hasn't been doing this for awhile. Gagne showed how little of heart he has by declining the captaincy, so I'm glad he's not a leader. But you'd expect that Handzus or Knuble or Pitkanen or Kapanen or etc.....would step forward.
9. Get mad. Everyone seems so complacent when they lose. You read the interviews and they all say the same thing over and over again. We make stupid mistakes, we've got to smarten up, yada yada yada. I wish someone on this team would get really mad and start talking about how upset they are with losing and start challenging players to step it up to the next level.

I'll probably be chewed a new one for this, but this team has had enough discipline that they know how to do their jobs. I think everyone needs to lighten up a bit and maybe things will turn around.

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