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04-23-2012, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by AlphaQUp View Post
This is, IMO, one of the reasons we're losing this series. Torts isn't about getting into scrums after whistles. He doesn't like the way guys like Neil and Avery play the game. He calls it BS. Shut up and play hockey. Problem is now that Torts is telling them not to get into it with guys like Neil and Konopka, we're neutered. We have no one willing to get their hands dirty. They're complacent with losing the series.
This has nothing to do with getting into scrums after the whistle. The Rangers are being "out-meaned". Plain and simple. Every championship team has a mean streak. This team, while not backing down to anyone and being physical, lacks a mean streak. Neil is having his way right now. I am not calling for injuries or cheapness, but the team needs to develop a mean streak.

messier personified that. I am not saying that the team needs Messier, but i am saying that sometimes you need to be mean. And this team does not seem to have it in them.

That and the fact that the team seems to have no answer for Neil and Knopka as far as getting them out of the crease. For as much as everyone loves our defensemen, and so do I, the inability to play a mean game in front of henke and actually clear the crease, is telling.

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