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04-23-2012, 08:28 AM
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If they don't create traffic, screens, deflections and chase rebounds in front of Anderson tonight, this series is over. Last game was pathetic. And for the love of everything holy, how about a frigging high shot on a butterfly goalie?

Flat footed, stone hands Dubinsky, turnover machine Anisimov and no show Stepan could be exchanged for pylons this series. Girardi has looked like a 7th D-man, Del Zotto is back with his patented, stupid mistakes all over the ice. When Strålman has been our best D-man, something is not working.

TEN pathetic turnovers last night, that are so stupid, each one of them could've deserved a benching, but you can't bench half the team. Why do they keep throwing blind cross ice passes that they pray will get through not only one, but two opponents, against a lethal transition team? Game, after game, after game, after game, all season. Why do they keep downright insisting to give the puck to the Sens on their blueline? They're so dumb it hurts.
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no expectations for this game. hopefully i am proven wrong.
Me neither. Sure, Ottawa is a bad matchup for us, but when our players are so dumb out there, it doesn't matter who we would've faced. They outplay us badly and when we do get the puck, we basically stick the knife in our own leg.

Even if we somehow win this series, I don't see this team as a Cup contender. No frigging way, we are still too flawed with too many players that we have to win despite of, not because of. Laughable PP, pathetic passing, dumb players with constant stupid decisions at the worst places imaginable on the ice, non-existant boardwork (we are third man in on pucks!), no traffic, no motion, no nothing. How did this team manage to get 1st in the east? We look like the 8th team.

Man, do I miss Zuke in the lineup now. He almost made our laughing stock PP look somewhat respectable.

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