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04-23-2012, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
You seem harsh here. There is people outside this board, fans of other teams, that say Gallagher is projected as a 2nd liner and has enough talent to be a first liner if the stars align properly.
The problem is... what most people seem to overlook when making these kinds of statements... or maybe what is just implicitly understood... is that every team in the league has a collection of such prospects, and only really a very few actually live up to those "projections".

I'm optimistic/hopeful about Gallagher based on the reports of his character and tenacity, etc. Most especially because of the way he performed in training camp this year. Before that, I was not very optimistic. He strikes me as the kind of guy like a Gerbe or Gionta who will Overcome. But I would not in the least blame an outside/neutral observer for not being swayed by that, because even most of the guys with similar character/tenacity traits in their Gallagher-sized package ultimately fail to make it. The perspective on just how rare the Giontas are is perhaps lacking. Or just implicitly understood, again.
Bottom 4 defenseman is very vague statement. It can be the difference between Hamhuis and Rome.
And as for Tinordi... I saw him more last year and not much this year. I think he's the 3rd best defenseman on his (very good) junior team. He was the best on Team USA at the WJC. He does have some issues at times with decision-making and his speed/skating are sometimes overrated (i.e. people forget to add the necessary "for his size" caveats on all the skating praise). He also needs to learn to fight better if that's going to be part of his game as a pro. But anyway, all of this is a huge progression from the guy who last year looked merely like a marginal OHL player.

And again... Ryan O'Byrne was a great skater (for his size), and even more impressive to me on a good Cornell team than Tinordi has been in London, more of an impact player in his senior year, anyway. But nothing approaching a Mike Komisarek, say. So again... great signs of progress from Tinordi this year, and there's no harm in being optimistic and hopeful, especially now that he has taken these major strides forward in development. But if the risk factors aren't implicit... well... let's not forget that the end result for most of these prospects does indeed fall well short of where our peak hopes and optimism usually has us. Tinordi is right now in that peak spotlight of sheer optimism for us. No harm in that really, it's also part of the prospect-following package for us as fans.

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