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04-23-2012, 10:11 AM
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First off, I don't think anyone should be trying to lay out Kovalchuk because he's not really burning us right now (due to injury or not) and we're a couple of injuries and a suspension away from being an ahl team in the nhl playoffs. So why risk the suspension.

Rats after goals were nit terribly many, maybe a dozen? There's bound to be at least a dozen idiots in any crowd of thousands. But still, the nhl is only tolerating it for a short while and a penalty in any later round would f us more... The faceoff rat was ridiculous, it looked almost like it was about to be played instead of the puck.

As for the crowd, everyone really caught fire after the second goal... probably because we were all too nervous until then. It was like, if there was a hit in our zone, it barely registered because I was so focused on where the puck is. The second goal was such a relief. And as mentioned by others, Upshall was awesome this game. I could see the bench from my seat for all the games I went to, and he looked more focused & determined for this one.

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